Naivedyam Laddo

Around 25 years ago Kishore Kunal, then O.S.D. on Ayodhya in the Ministry of Home Affairs, went to Tirupati and brought some skilled persons to prepare Ladoos named as Naivedyam which means food for the Lord. In the last 25 years the spectrum of Naivedyam has expanded considerably and during the financial year 2017-18 from April 2017 to March 2018 the sale of Naivedyam exceeded 8 lakh kilograms (to be exact it was 8,03,935.500). The received amount for the sale of this huge quantity was to the Nineteen crore twenty seven thousand lakh sixty-eight thousand seven hundred thirty-five (19,27,68,735=00). After deducting all expenditure on the preparation of the Naivedyam, the net exact surplus amount was seven crore fifty-one lakh fifty-three thousand five hundred and seven (7,51,53,507=00) only.

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The Mahavir Mandir Trust utilizes this surplus on many charitable activities such as providing financial help of Rupees ten thousand to all applicants and fifteen thousands to those who are upto 18 years of age and below the poverty line. Besides, it provides free meal to all indoor cancer patients numbering around 500. In addition, their attendants are provided meals at the rate of Rs. 30/-. Nowhere in the country a patient gets one blood unit only for Rs. 100/- But all cancer patients in Mahavir Cancer Hospital get blood for this negligible charge. All this is done from the surplus from the sale of Naivedyam. The credit largely goes to Sheshadri, the head of the Naivedyam Division.

Now the Naivedyam is going to have a change for better. At present, we make ghee from the cream melted in our presence to ghee. Though it is 100% pure, yet it is not so tasty as the pure cow ghee prepared in the south. The ghee, which is used in preparing laddoos at Tirupati, is now being obtained directly from Karnataka Millk Cooperative Federation. The rate of Sudha ghee here is Rs. 470 per litre and the rate of the ghee which, we receive now, is at Rs. 414 per litre which includes both transportation and G.S.T. It is so cheap because we are getting at the rate of its supply to the Tirupati temple.

At present, we are getting the ghee from cream at the rate of Rs. 350/- per kg. whereas the ghee now utilized will be at the rate of Rs. 414/- per litre. Even then, we are not going to enhance the price. At present, the new Naivedyam is sold at the rate of Rs. 250/- per kilo. To start with, the new Naivedyam made of pure ghee will be for Rs. 250/- per kilo as per the present rate. For some time, the old style of laddoos continues for other quantity like 500 gm. 250 gm. and 200. But after a short time Naivedyam in all packets will be made of pure cow ghee and will be sold at Rs. 250/- per kilo. Devotees will certainly relish the new taste and give their opinion.


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