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दासोsहं कोशलेन्द्रस्य रामस्याक्लिष्टकर्मणः। हनूमान् शत्रुसैन्यानां निहन्ता मारुतात्मजः।।

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Ram Navami will be celebrated in Mahavir Mandir on Saturday i.e. 31st March. The temple will open at 02.00 A.M. and will remain open till 12.00 midnight. Janmotsava (birth- celebration) of Lord Ram will be celebrated at 12.00 noon and the Mahaviri flags will be changed and 'arati' will be performed.
However, in view of the controversy of celebrating the festival from the 'udaya tithi' i.e. the lunar date is calculated at the time of the sun-rise, some persons may be advised to celebrate Ram Navami on 1st April, 2012.
Though the 'udaya tithi' calculation is a general rule, there are specific instruction in our scriptures which stipulated that distinguished festivals like Ram Navami and Janmashtami are celebrated in accordance with the 'tithi and 'nakshatra' prevalent at the time of the birth of the Lord. Bhagwan Shriram's birth time is 'madhyahna' i.e. noon and on 1st April at noon there is neither the 'navami neither ‘tithi’ nor punarvasu nakshatra' (पुनर्वसु नक्षत्र) under which Lord Ram was born; whereas on 31st March both 'navami' and 'punarvasu' are there at the time of the Lord's incarnation.
Therefore, in view of the decisions of the great personalities like Madhavacharya who became celebrated Shankaracharya of Shringeri peeth in his famous work 'Kal-madhav'; Kamalakar Bhatta of Kashi, Rudradhar, Mahesh Thakur, Ratnapani and Pt. Ramchandra Jha of Mithila and Bharat Ratna P.V. Kane of Maharashtra, Ram Navami should be celebrated on the day when the tithi and nakshatra are available at the time of the Lords's birth. If they are available on both days or are not available on either day, it may be celebrated on the second day but it can be celebrated when they are not available. Ram Navami can be celebrated even when 'navami' is available without punarvasu at the time of Lord's incarnation. In view of the decisions of these great authorities’ scholars of Mahavir Mandir Pt. Bhavanath Jha and Pt. Jatesh Jha has suggested that the Ram Navami should be celebrated on 31st March and not on 1st April.
However, for the convenience of the devotees, the temple will be opened from 05.00 A.M. on 1st April, 2012. There will be adequate arrangement on 1st April also but the temple management makes an appeal that those who come to celebrate Ram Navami in Mahavir Mandir should celebrate it on 31st March itself.

Celebration & Arrangement for Ramnavami, 31st March 2012 >>
शास्त्रीय निर्णय हिन्दी में

Rama-navami, 31 March, 2012

Shankaracharya of Puri in seminar by Mahavir Mandir

His Holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Govardhan Peeth Swami Nischalanand Sarasvati delivering His divine speech on Vedic Mathematics in the seminar on 13th June, held by Mahavir Mandir, Patna at Patna Museum Hall, Patna.

Seminar on Vedic Mathamatics at Patna by Mahavir Mandir
Acharya Rajnath Jha
Pt. Bhavanath Jha
Acharya Kishore Kunal
Prof. Anjan Kumar Thakur
Prof. Bal Gangadhar Prasad
Prof. Jagannath Thakur
Prof. Indira Jha

Mahavir Mandir has organized a seminar on the subject “Vedic Mathematics : Theory and Application” on 13th June, 2012 at Patna Museum Hall, Patna in the august presence of His Holiness Jagadguru Sankaracharya of Goverdhan Peetha, Puri, Swami Nischalanand Saraswati.
Time: 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM