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दासोsहं कोसलेन्द्रस्य रामस्याक्लिष्टकर्मणः। हनूमान् शत्रुसैन्यानां निहन्ता मारुतात्मजः।।

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updated 07-04-2012

Budget for 2014-15
Income & Expenditure

Income and Expenditure of Mahavir Mandir
during last Financial Year (2012-13)

The total income of Mahavir Mandir alone during financial year 2012-13 has been Rs. 7.5 crores. This includes Rs. 2 crore 81 lakh collected through offerings by the devotees and Rs. 2 crores 87 lakh through sale of ‘Naivedyam’ (Laddu). The temple has received Rs. 1 crore 37 lakh through fees on different ‘Pooja-Paath’, ‘Wahan-Pujan’ and ‘Daridra Narain Bhoj’. Likewise, the temple received Rs. 15.75 lakh through donations, Rs 12 lakh through sale on different sale counters and Rs. 15.75 lakh received through bank-interest and other sources. Thus, the temple's income was Rs. 7.5 crores, which was one crore more than the last year’s income (2011-12).

This declared income of Mahavir Mandir has been second highest in North after to Vaishnav Devi temple. This income does not include income gained through different hospitals run by the temple trust.

During this period the temple has spent Rs.1 crore on treatment to poor patients suffering from Cancer and other serious ailments and has also spent about Rs. 1 crore 68 lakh over acquisition of land for the proposed Virat Ramayan Mandir. The temple has also spent Rs. 40 lakh over manufacturing of ‘Kalash’ over spires. The purchase of white marble from Vietnam and Granite from Bangaluru has cost Rs. 28 lakh. The remained amount has been spent over renovation subsidiary temples and towards the establishment of Virat Ramayan Mandir.

During this financial year, the temple has restored its 8 katthas of Thakurbari land located on main road of Sheikhpura at Patna. Likewise, a 'Math' of Mahavir Mandir having 25 acres of land located, 6 KMs away from Paswan Chowk of Hajipur on main road before Bidupur in Vaishali district has been restored to Mahavir Mandir. Thus, the temple has made significant addition to its estate compared to last F.Y.

Mahavir Mandir Trust shall continue to spend one crore rupees on the treatment of poor patients suffering from cancer and other serious diseases. However, its main thrust will be on the construction of Virat Ramayan Mandir.

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