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changes in the outer portion of the temple from 4th July, 2019

temple layout mahavir Mandir, Patna

In view of the ever increasing number of devotees in the famous Mahavir Mandir, Patna the temple management is going to introduce the following changes in the outer portion of the temple from 4th July, 2019:

(i) Now the main entrance of the temple compound will be from the north side instead of the eastern gate which is main entrance till now. Originally, the temple was designed to have northern entrance, as its Simhadvar i.e. the main gate is in the northern direction.

(ii) The shoe-stands in the eastern portion will remain intact; rather the number is going to be threefold to reduce the difficulties of devotees.

(iii) In the north-eastern corner near the present mechanized water-cooler, there will be arrangement for washing hands and feet.

(iv) The sale counters will be in the northern direction of the temple where at present washing arrangement is made. After washing hands and feet they may purchase Naivedyam and flower-garlands.

(v) Like Gurdwara there will be flow of water for washing feet.

(vi) Now the Naivedyam of two names- “Naivedyam” and “Arpitam”. Naivedyam is for offering laddoos to Hanumanji and Arpitam will be the laddoos offered to the deity in the bhog. The quality and ingredients will be the same.

(vii) Arpitam is being introduced to help those who don’t want to stand in queue. While going back, they can purchase it for self consumption. It was the demand for long.

(viii) But the quantity will be different. The Naivedyam will be in packets of one kg.; half k.g. and 250 gms., whereas the Arpitam will be available in only 1 piece of 200gm. kept in permissible transparent plastic container. Arpitam will not be offered to any deity. Like Tirupati laddoos it is meant for consumption.

(ix) Rates of laddoos have been kept in digits such as 1 kg. Naivedyam costing Rs. 264/-; 500 gm costing Rs. 132/- and 250 gm costing Rs. 66/-; whereas one piece of Apritam in container will cost Rs. 58/-. Prices are fixed in such a manner to dispose coins kept in the huge number in the temple. Banks hardly accept them; so they have to be disposed in a drive.

(x) Now the entire courtyard in front of the temple will be available for devotees to stand in queue. At present they have to stand in line for purchasing Naivedyam which takes a lot of space. They will have substantive relief in the new arrangement.

(xi) Ultimately, after the puja, devotees will exit from the door which is near the platform for function in the north-east side of the main temple.

There are many more plans for beautification of the temple. They will be communicated later.

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