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दासोsहं कोशलेन्द्रस्य रामस्याक्लिष्टकर्मणः। हनूमान् शत्रुसैन्यानां निहन्ता मारुतात्मजः।।
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न त्वहं कामये राज्यं न स्वर्गं नापुनर्भवम्।

कामये दुःखतप्तानां प्राणिनामार्तिनाशनम्।।

It’s not a kingdom I desire, nor paradise nor eternal liberation from the living world. But I do have a desire: to destroy the misery of all living things that are sad.

Philanthropic Works

Mahavir Mandir trust has got many first feats to its credit. It is the first major public temple in the country where a dalit was appointed a priest as long back as on 13th June, 1993.

Blanket disribution, 2011
distribution of blankets/saris, 2011
distribution of blankets/saris, 2011

On 14th Januari, 2008, His Excellency the Governor of Bihar Shri R.S. Gavai along with the lady Governor visited the Mahavir Mandir and offered prayers in presence of Lord Hanuman, Ganeshji and Lord Buddha and other deities. Thereafter he attended the temple function as Chief Guest and applauded the various philanthropic services of Mahavir Mandir, Patna. From the temple precincts he wished a happy and prosperous year for all the people of Bihar and told that in the beginning of the new year the distribution of 700 blankets and 700 saris to the poor people is a good beginning of Bihar .He declared that Mahavir Mandir is an ideal religious trust and it should be emulated by other trusts in the country. He further said that philanthropy is the real Dharma and every religious trust should take activities of charity.
Acharya Kishore Kunal, Secretary of the temple trust informed that after initial expenses on rituals, temple maintenance and other activities the surplus fund is utilized for the benefit of the devotees. It has already established four big hospitals and provides financial help to a number of needy people. He further informed that when the present temple trust had taken over the annual income of the temple shown was Rs.11000/- (eleven thousand) only whereas only in the last month the temple trust has submitted an audited account of Rs.28,80,05,573/- (twentyeight crore eighty lakhs five thousand five hundred seventy three) to the Income tax department for Mahavir Mandir and its subordinate institutions.

Justice P.S. Sahay, President of the temple trust welcomed the Governor and the lady Governor. On this occasion former Chief Minister and temple trustee Shri Ram Sundar Das spoke on various temple activities and the charitable trust. Justice Uday Sinha gave vote of thanks . Shri Jiya Lal Arya conducted the proceedings.

On 13th January, 2011 Mahavir Mandir Trust distributed 200 pieces of blankets and 200 pieces of Sarees to the poor section of the society living in the slum areas behind Adalatganj and Kamla Nehru Nagar areas. Since the Mandir Trust does not make discrimination on the ground of caste or religion, the beneficiaries were mostly from the minority community. The blankets and Sarees were distributed in the temple premises by Acharya Kishore Kunal, Secretary of the temple trust. Justice (Retd.) P.K.Sinha of Patna High Court, too, was present and participated in the distribution.
            Every year Mahavir Mandir Trust has been doing it without any discrimination.  It purchases blankets and the Sarees are from the stock of those which are offered to Durgaji and Parvatiji. The temple trust comes to the help of the poor, whenever the occasion arises.

Flood relief, 2008

It is one of the first trusts in North India where temple funds have been mostly utilized for philanthropic projects such as establishment of charitable hospitals and monetary assistance to the poorest and needy persons.

The following philanthropic activities are conducted under aegis of Mahavir Mandir:


Every year there is substantial budget provide for uplife of the dalits. There is a magnificent idol of Saint Ravidas on the campus of the temple. Every year his procession is taken out on the Magh Purnima day.

Mahavir Mandir Trust reimburses the entire expenditure on the disposal of unclaimed dead bodies. A philanthropic society Hindu Sewa Samiti collects such unclaimed bodies and performs the last rites. It gets some grant from the S.D.O. and the entire residency amount is monthly given to this samiti.

Mahavir Mandir Trust provides scholarship to needy and handicapped student every year on the need basis.

For the treatment of the minors up to the age of 18 every Cancer patient gets Rs. 10,000 (Ten Thousands only) immediately after he is enrolled at Mahavir Cancer Sansthan. They are entitled to some Government grant and thereafter they again get the subsidy of 50% on their expanse on cancer treatment.

Devotees are encourage to pray together (in sangat) irrespective cast. On each Tuesday and Saturday a large number of devotees recite the Sundar-kand together and that is prayer in sangat. Similarly, feasts are held together in which all devotees dine together (in pangat) irrespective of caste and that is pangat.


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