Ramanavami, 2019

Mahavir Mandir, Patna, Ramanavami, 2019

Ramanavami photograph updates from Mahavir Mandir, Patna


रामनवमी की पूजा कैसे करें।। हनुमानजी की ध्वजा की पूजा कैसे करें।। रामनवमी व्रत कथा।। हनुमानजी की आरती।

New announcement in the field of philanthropy on the sacrosanct day of Ramanavami, 2019

On the sacrosanct day of the Ram Navami the famous Mahavir Mandir of Patna is introducing totally free treatment to all cancer patients up to the age of 18. It plans to extend this facility to the cancer patients up to the age of 35 years in future. Mahavir Cancer Sansthan is the second largest hospital in the country where all 600 indoor patients get three times meal free of cost and are given one unit of blood at a nominal charge of Rs. 100/- only. The temple trust provides Rs. 15,000/- to every applicant patient who is below the age of 18 or belongs to the B.P.L. category and provides Rs. 10,000/- to each applicant of the cancer disease irrespective of caste and creed.

In addition, in Mahavir Vastsalya Asptal it is going to provide free treatment and operation to all children who are born with holes in hearts. Mahavir Vaatsalya Aspatal is one of the largest hospitals in the country. It has 60 NICU beds for new born children. Every bed is provided with a ventilator.
It has started Sita Rasoi to all pilgrims who are visiting the birth-site of Sitaji. It was introduced on 27th January, 2019 on the auspicious occasion of the Ramanand Jayanti. Sita Rasoi is the free meal provided two times a day by Mahavir Mandir Trust to all pilgrims without charging any amount. Similarly, Ram Rasoi will be provided to all pilgrims visiting the birthplace of Ram at Ayodhya.
It is going to introduce Bus Service between Sitamarhi and Janakpur via Haleshwar Sthan and Panth Paker from Janaki Navami i.e. 13 May, 2019. It will introduce similar service to pilgrims from Sitamarhi to Chitrakoot via Ayodhya.
There are many such philanthropic projects to be undertaken by the Mahavir Mandir Trust in near future. They will be informed on appropriate time. Like every year the Mahavir Mandir Trust is making elaborate arrangement for the Ram Navami. This Temple attracts the largest member of pilgrims, second to Ayodhya on Ram Navami day. More than 3 lakhs pilgrims are expected to visit the temple and more than 20,000 kgs. of Naivedyam (Laddoos) will be sold on the Ram Navami.



History of the establishment of the temple

Though the temple is said to have been in existence since time immemorial, it was Swami Balanandji, the dynamic religious leader of the Ramamananda sect built a new temple in c.1720 after the Galta Conference in 1713 A.D.

Earlier it was held that the Galta conference was held at Galta near Jaipur in 1722 A.D. On this basis the date of the construction was supposed to be in 1730 A.D.

But now when it is established that Galta Conference of the four sects of Vaishnavism (chatuh-sampradaya) was held in 1713 A.D. the reasonable date of the construction of the Mahavir Mandir by Swami Balanand should be around 1720 A.D.

And accordingly the Mahavir Mandir Trust will celebrate the completion of 300 years of the historical from the commencement new Vikram Samvat falling on 25th March, 2020 to the end of this Samvat year in 2021

That historical temple is in a small room.  It was in a dilapidated condition and was encroached upon by trespasses from every side. In those days it was very difficult to enter into the temple.

When Kishore Kunal was appointed as Senior Superintendent of Police in Patna he removed the encroachment on the eve of Ramanavami in 1983. He laid the foundation of the present temple on the of the Kartik Purnima, i.e. 30th November, 1983.

With his initiative and active participation the present temple was inaugurated on 4th March, 1985.Thereafter the further work like expansion and beautification continues and it has got the present grand shape.
Mahavir Mandir Trust Patna has heralded a new era in the temple administration by embedding charity with rituals.


Charity In the field of health held by the Temple Trust

It has established 5 big hospitals in Patna and the sixth is in the offing.


Its Cancer Hospital is second largest in the country.

It provides free meal to 600 indoor patients three-times every day.

In the Cancer hospital, one unit of blood is made available at a minimum cost of Rs. 100.

It plans to extend this facility to the patients up to the age of 35 years in future.


The Mahavir Vaatsalya Aspatal, which is a child and maternity hospital, established by Mandir Trust is one of the best in country.
It has got 60 neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) beds with each having a ventilator.

Now, it is going to start free treatment and operation of the inborn holes in hearts of the children without any charge. The preparation is in full swing and the date of free operation of the holes in hearts will be announced shortly.


Its Arogya Sansthan takes care of poor patients in all departments at a very low cost.


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