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दासोsहं कोसलेन्द्रस्य रामस्याक्लिष्टकर्मणः। हनूमान् शत्रुसैन्यानां निहन्ता मारुतात्मजः।।

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Shravan Kumar Awards, 2012
First award
Second award
Third award
Shravan Kumar Award, 2013
Krishnanand Bharati receiving the first award from Hon'ble Chief minister Nitish Kumar
Gautam Kumar receiving the second award from Hon'ble Chief minister Nitish Kumar
Rajesh Kumar Singh receiving the third award from Hon'ble Chief minister Nitish Kumar

Shravan Kumar Awards for serving parents physically and selflessly instituted by Mahavir Mandir Trust have been announced. This year the first prize, which carries Rs. 1 lakh, and a citation was given to Shri Krishnanand Bharati, son of Shri Ramdeo Das, Topakhana Bazar, Kataghar, Dist. Munger.

The second prize of Rs. 50,000/- with a citation has been awarded to Shri Gautam Kumar Sharma, son of Late Ramlakshman Sharma, Vill.+P.o. Sarasai, Dist.- Vaishali

The third prize which has Rs. 25,000/- and a citation was given to Shri Rajesh Kumar Singh, son of Shri Ramesh Prasad Singh, State Bank Road, Ward No- 18, Muhalla- Vidyapuri, Dist. Madhepura

Consolation award of Rs. 5,000 each were also given to three persons:-

1. Shri Pandeya Karyanand, son of Late Kedar Nath Pandey, Khusarupur, Patna,

2.Shri Rajiva Kumar Yadav, son of Shri Kapildeo Yadav, Vill. Ajimaganj, Haveli Khadagpur, Munger

3. Shri Sunil Kumar Singh, son of Shri Harihar Prasad Singh, Bahadurpur Housing Colony, Block No. 8, Flat No. 18, Patna

It was decided in a meeting held on 24-08-2013 in the temple and presided over by Justice (Rtd.) S.N. Jha.
These awards were distributed on 29th August at 5:00 PM at Mahavir Mandir premises in the honorable presence of Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar, Justice S.N. Jha, Justice Rajendra Prasad Singh, Dr. Mithilesh Kumari Mishra, Dr. S. S. Jha, Dr. J. K. Singh, Dr. S.C. Mishra, Acharya Kishore Kunal and other honorable persons.

Recomendations are invited for Sravan Kumar Award, 2013
Shravan Kumar Award

On this occasion the Dy. Chief Minister Shri Sushil Kumar Modi lauded the various social and charitable activities of Mahavir Mandir Trust and said that the Shravan Kumar Puraskar will go a long way to motivate the young generation to take care of their parents with more sincerity and dedication. The Secretary of the Trust Kishore Kunal said that Mahavir Mandir Trust is one of the largest charitable trusts in Northern India which allots more than ‘ 3 crores on philanthropic projects and makes no distinction in its social services on caste or religion. Justice (Rtd.) S.N.Jha the Chairman of Bihar Human Rights Commission presided over the function and other dignitaries present on the occasion included Justice (Rtd.) Rajendra Prasad, Justice (Rtd.) P.K. Sinha, Dr. Rajiva Tandan, Shri V.S. Dube, Dr. S.S. Jha, Dr. J.K. Singh and Dr. S.C. Mishra. Vote of thanks was proposed by justice (Rtd.) Rajendra Prasad.

First award
Shri Shiv Kumar recieving the first award
Shri Uday Kumar Jha recieving the second award
Second Prize
Md. Tufail Ahmad recieving the third award
Group photograph

For the year 2010, Shravan Kumar award was given on the occasion of Janaki Navami i.e. birth day celebration of Sita Mata in 2011 by Mahavir Mandir Trust. 6 person were handed over Shravan Kumar Awards by the Deputy Chief Minister Shri Sushil Kumar Modi.

The first award of lakh was given to Shri Shiv Kumar, who carried his mother to many several pilgrim places in the style of Shravan Kumar. He hails from Vill.+P.O.- Dhangavan, Distt.-Jehanabad.

The second prize of Rs. 50,000/- was given to Shri Uday Kumar Jha of Ramnagar, in Madhubani District.

The Third prize of Rs. 25,000/- was to given to Md. Tufail Ahmad of Inarva village, P.S. Aadapur in East Champaran District.

Others who got Awards of Rs. 5,000/- are

(1) Ms. Amrita Sharma, of Ner in Jehanabad district

(2) Shri Jitendra Kumar Jha of Palimohan in Madhubani district and

(3) Shri Mahendra Singh Kushwaha of Bhagwan Bigha in Rohtas district.
In order to inspire the citizens Mahavir Mandir Trust has instituted Shravan Kumar Puraskar since last year. These awards are meant for those sons/daughters who serv
e their parents with devotion. This is the first award of this kind in the country.

Sravan Kumar Award 2009
Shravan Kumar Award, 2009
Shrawan Kumar award , 2009
Shrawan Kumar award , 2009

Scheme of the Award

For the first time in the country Shrawan Kumar award for serving the parents has been given persons in Mahavir Mandir. Mahavir Mandir trust has instituted this award in four categories; first award of rupees one lakh, the second award is for rupees fifty thousand, third award is for twentyfive thousand and some inspiration awards for rupees five thousand each. Any one can nominate the name of such person for Shrawan Kumar award with details of the service done to the parents.Mahavir Mandir Trust does not make any distinction on grounds of cast, creed or religion.

This annual Award instituted in 2010 to inspire new generation to emulate Shravan Kumar who selflessly served his parents and devoted his life to this noble act. It is given to any son who renders service to his parents and to a daughter-in-law for her service to her in-laws. It is open to all persons, irrespective of caste or creed but limited to the residents of Bihar. In 2011, the third prize was given to a Muslim Md. Tufail Ahamad of East Champaran district.

Any citizen of Bihar can recommend any such name who is really serving his parents by attending on them. It excludes N.R.Is. or affluent persons who take care of their elderly people by sending money or keeping them in hospitals or old age homes. People and pressmen are requested to give wide publicity, so that real persons in the foot-steps of Shravan Kumar, are awarded.

Mahavir Mandir trust in a meeting held on 30th May, 2008 decided to institute Shrawan Kumar awards for selfless service to parents. The first award will carry a cash component of one lakh rupees, second awards of fifty thousand rupees, third award of twentyfive thousand  and 25 dedication prizes each carrying one thousand rupees will be given to the deserving persons. In addition each award will carry a citation and a memento. The main consideration for selection will be actual physical service to the parents and the monetary assistance will be secondary.

The eligible persons for the award will be those who are citizens in Bihar and age will be no bar. The award will start from the calendar year 2008. Nominations will be received from 1st January to 31st January, 2009. It will be scrutinized and decided by a jury having eminent citizens from legal, administrative and social service background. It will be awarded each year on Janki Navami day which comes exactly one month after Ramnavami.

The Selection Committee is headed by Justice S.N.Jha (retd) presently Chairman of State Human Rights Commission. The award does not make any distinction of sex, caste or creed and,therefore, even muslim and other co-religionists can be eligible for the award.

In the year 2009 no one was found eligible for first award. The second award was given to Smt.Kiran Devi of Bhagalpur. Instead of one award in the third category, two awards were given to two persons, namely, Shri Sunil Upadhyay and Shri Pankaj Kumar of Rs.25,000/- each. Besides inspiration awards were given to six persons of Rs.5000/- each. This award was given for the year 2009.