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दासोsहं कोसलेन्द्रस्य रामस्याक्लिष्टकर्मणः। हनूमान् शत्रुसैन्यानां निहन्ता मारुतात्मजः।।

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A large number of devotees have enquired about the date of Janmastmi Vrata. According to scriptures and two Pandits of Mahavir Mandir Pt. Bhavanath Jha and Pt. Jatesh Jha Janmastmi is on 9-8-2012, because on the 10th August there is no Ashtami Tithi, when Lord Krishna was born. According to Panduranga Vaman Kane, who got Bharat-ratna on writing the book “History of Dharmashastra”, if there is no Rohini Nakshatra then fasting will be performed on the day when, there is Ashtami in the midnight. This year Rohini Nakshatra is neither on 9th nor on 10th. Rohini Nakshatra is on 11-08-2012 from 8:45 A.M. and continues till 12:19 P.M. on 12-08-2012.
During day time on 9th August the devotees will observe fast till 12:30 in the night. In Mahavir Mandir rituals of birth celebration will be performed on the first floor in front of the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Krishna from 9:00 P.M. onwards till 12:30 in the night.
Rohini is falling on 11th August and there will be many Sadhus and persons who will celebrate Janmastami on three days on 9th, 10th and 11th, but in Mahavir Mandir it will be observed on 9th August, 2012.
According to Pandit Bhavanath Jha and Pandit Jatesh Jha of Mahavir Mandir after scrutinizing the theological jurisprudence on 9th August, 2012 Ashtami Tithi starts from 10:50 A.M. in the morning and continues on 10-08-2012 till 12:44 P.M. This way there is no conjunction of Tithi and Nakshatra and thus there is no occasion of Jayanti Vrata. But the celebration on the occasion of incarnation (birth) of Lord Krishna will be on 9-8-2012. Lord Krishna’s birth and Vrata is to be celebrated on the day when in the midnight i.e. 12:00 O’clock Ashtami Tithi falls. In such a situation about fasting or Vrata on the basis of theological jurisprudence M.M. Pandurang Vaman Kane has written:-
“It is clear from almost all Puranas and other works on Janmastami that the principal time for the celebration of the birth of Krishna is the midnight of the 8th of Shravana dark half (Bhadrapada dark, if the month is Purnimanta). This tithi is of two kinds; viz (1) without Rohini naksatra and (2) with Rohini naksatra. In each of these two, the Kalanirnaya of Madhava (pp 218-224 ), the Nirnaya-sindhu (pp 128-130 ), the Dharmasindhu (pp 64-67) and other digests set out several possible alternative combinations The Nirnayamrita (pp 56- 58 ) mentions as many as 18 kinds, eight of the suddha tithi, 8 of the viddha tithi and two more, one being the one where Rohini-naksatra is there at midnight and the other being Navami joined to Rohini and having either Wednesday or Monday. A discussion of these would be somewhat complicated and hardly otherwise than of academicals interest to modern readers. Therefore, all these alternatives are not set out here; brief conclusions put forth by the Tithitattva are given a way of sample. These are: If Jayanti (Astami exists only a single day, the fast must be observed on that very day; if it spreads over two days, then the fast is on the later the two; if there is no Jayanti, then the fast is to be observed on Astami joined with Rohini, if two days have Astami joined to Rohini then fast is on the later of the two; if there is no Rohini nakshatra then fast is to be observed on the Astami that exists at midnight or if Astami exists on two days at midnight or if it be not existent at midnight then on the later day.
            If Jayanti fast occurs on Wednesday or Monday there are far greater results and such a fast is superior to crores of other vratas and the man who ohserves a fast on Jayanti conjoined to Wednesday or Monday would not he born again.
            The main items in Janmastami vrata are fast, worship of Krishna, jagara (keeping awake at night, listening to and repeating hymns of praise and stories about Krishna's exploits), parana.”
In the light of M.M. Kane’s observation this festival this year will be celebrated on 9th August, 2012 as there is Ashtami Tithi on that day in the midnight.

Rohini is falling on 11th August and there will be many Sadhus and persons who will celebrate Janmastami on three days on 9th, 10th and 11th, but in Mahavir Mandir it will be observed on 9th August, 2012.
According to another tradition some devotes celebrate the birth on the next day. Those who fast on the next day will keep their fast on 10th August, 2012.

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Schedule of Krishna-janmastami celebration at Mahavir Mandir Patna

Lord Krishna

9:00 P.M. to 10:30

Recites from Geeta and Bhagavat
10:30P.M. to 00:00A.M.
00.00A.M to00:30A.M.
Distribution of Prasad
00:30 A.M. onwards

Shri Krishna-Janmastami, 09th August, 2012