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दासोsहं कोशलेन्द्रस्य रामस्याक्लिष्टकर्मणः। हनूमान् शत्रुसैन्यानां निहन्ता मारुतात्मजः।।
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Rama-navami celebration & arrangement for 2014, 08 April, 2014 >>
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Rama-navami celebration & arrangement for 2012, 31st March>
भगत हेतु भगवान प्रभु राम धरेउ तनु भूप।
किये चरित पावन परम प्राकृत नर अनुरूप।।
The festival of Rama Navami is celebrated on the auspicious occasion of the birth of Lord Shri Ram. In the whole country after Hanumangarhi in Ayodhya Mahavir Mandir of Patna attracts the largest number of devotees on the Rama Navami day. On a single day the number of the devotees varies form three to five lakhs.

ततश्च द्वादशे मासे चैत्रे नावमिके तिथौ।।4।।
नक्षत्रेदितिदैवत्ये स्वोच्चसंस्थेषु पञ्चसु।
ग्रहेषु कर्कटे लग्ने वाक्पताविन्दुना सह।।5।।
पेरोद्यमाने जगन्नाथं सर्वलोकनमस्कृतम्।
कौशल्या जनयद् रामं दिव्यलक्षणसंयुतम्।।6।। (वाल्मीकीय रामायण)

Translation by Griffith:-
’T was Chaitra’s ninth returning day.
The moon within that mansion shone
Which Aditi looks kindly on.
Raised to their apex in the sky
Five brilliant planets beamed on high.
Shone with the moon, in Cancer’s sign.
Vrihaspati with light divine.
Kaus’alyá bore an infant blest
With heavenly marks of grace impressed;
Ráma, the universe’s lord,
A prince by all the worlds adored.
New glory Queen Kaus’alyá won
Reflected from her splendid son.
So Aditi shone more and more,
The Mother of the Gods, when she
The King of the Immortals bore,

Ramanavami festival, Mahavir Mandir

Ramanavami festival, Mahavir Mandir, 2009



Janaki-navami is celebrated every year on the 9th day of the bright fortnight of the Vaishakh month on the occasion of the birth of Sita Mata. This year the Mahavir Mandir Trust is erecting the scene  of ‘Sita-udbhava’ i.e. the coming up of Sita in the marvels. Statues of king Janak, his priest, minister, attendants and oxen with plough will be established at Sita-madhi, opposite Sitamadhi Railway Station. The marble statues are being made at Jaipur at the cost of Rupees fifteen lakhs.


Hanuman-jayanti iscelebreted in the Hanuman Mandir on the 14th day of the dark fortnight of the Kartika month. This day is recommended in the Vaishnava-matabja-bhaskara of Ramanandacharya as well as in the tradition of Hanuman-garhi, Ayodhya. On this day, eslaborate rituals are performed and the ‘dhvaja’(the holy flag) of the temple is also changed.

English version

हिन्दी में>>

Schedule of Krishna-janmastami,09th August, 2012

Shri Krishna-Janmastami

In Mahavir Mandir Janmashtami is celebrated with all religious devotion. Recitals from the Gita  and Bhagwad are done in the temple. Devotees remain on fast till midnight. Before the birth of Lord Krishna two hours continuous Bhajan both in Sanskrit and Hindi is carried out and then at midnight His birth is celebrated with Arati and Prasad is distributed amongst the devotees.


During Durga Puja Durga Saptasati is recited from the beginning to the end with samput path for nine days. Statue of the Goddess is established on the campus and thousands of devotees have a darshan every day and on the last three days of the Navratra there is vast gathering of the devotees in the temple.


Vivah Panchami is the festival of the marriage of Lord Ram and Sita. It is celeb rated in this temple with all devotion and gaity. Mahavir Mandir is having the most impressive idols of Ram and Sita on the eve of their marriage. In Vivah Panchami many traditional glimpse party from Mithila come and perform on dais for two days showing the marriage celebration.


Sanskrit Diwas is observed every year on the Shrawani Purnima day. Students participate in a big way. They write essays in Sanskrit and make eloquent Sanskrit speeches . In the evening there is a conference held in which many distinguished scholars participate and enlighten the audience by their Sanskrit speeches.

Sanskrit-Divas 2012 , 02-08-2012


Tulsi Jayanti is celebarated on the 7th day of the bright fortnight of Shrawan  month. Scholars of Mahavir Mandir have conclusively written that Tulsidasji was born on this day in 1554 Sambat and he was a celebate saint throughout his career. The name of Ratnawali and his marriage was a development of two centuries after his departure. In the evening many scholars give lectures in which various aspects of the career of Tulsidas are highlighted.

Tulasi-Jayanti 2012 , 25-07-2012


Geeta Jayanti is celebrated on the 11th day of the bright fortnight of Agrahan month. On this day the Mahabharat war had started and Lord Kishna had given sermon to Arjun to fight against the evil committed by any person irrespective of close relations. Geeta is one of the most celebrated scriptures in the world and on this day many functions are held in this connection.

Gita Jayanti, 13 December, 2013>>


Ramanandcharya Jayanti is celebrated on 7th day of dark fortnight of Magh month. Mahavir Mandir belongs to Ramananda  sect and, therefore, in this temple this Jayanti is celebrated with much more devotion.


Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated on the Magh Purnima day. Mahavir Mandir has got the most impressive idol of Sant Ravidas which is established on the north east corner of the temple . It has got equally impressive Chhatri (canopy). Processions are held on this occasion and various aspects of his life are highlighted in the evening function.