Trust Committee


Rules of the Trust committee Bye-laws

Since 1987 the temple is managed by a trust comprising of 11 members. Earlier the annual income shown by the previous establishment was less than Rs.1000/- per month whereas the present income of the temple is more than Rs.1,00,000/- (one lakh) per day.

This trust is Registered under Bihar Hindu Religious Trust Act, 1950. At present the following persons are in the trust committee:-

  1. Justice B. N. Agrawal (Retd) A former Judge of the Supreme Court of India                                      – President
  2. Justice S. N. Jha,  Former Chairman, Human Rights Commission, Bihar,                                                  -Member
  3. Shri V. S. Dubey, IAS (Retd), Former Chief Secretary Bihar & Jharkhand.                                                               – Member
  4. Shri Ram Balak Mahto, Advocate General,   Bihar.                                                                                                          -Member
  5. Justice Rajendra Prasad (Retd.), Presently Member, Bihar Human Rights Commission.         -Member-cum-Treasurer
  6. Shri Kashi Nath Mishra, Former Vice Chancellor, K.S.D. Sanskrit University, Darbhanga.                            -Member
  7. Shri R.K. Shrivasatava, IAS (Retd.) Former Principal Secretary, Human Resources Department.       – Member
  8. Smt. Mahashweta Maharathi,  An eminent Buddhist and the member of Bodhgaya Temple Management Committee                                                                         -Member
  9. Mahanth Shri Ramashray Das @ Naga Baba, An eminent ascetic of Ayodhya.                                                      -Member
  10. Acharya Kishore Kunal, IPS (Retd.) presently Chairman, Bihar State Board of Religious Trusts, Patna.


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