Ramavat Sangat ( रामावत संगत )

Mahavir Mandir Trust in its recent meeting has taken a momentous decision to establish a new Sangat “Ramavat-sangat” by name. It will come into existence on Kartika Devotthan Ekadashi i.e. 13 November, 2013 after holding a mammoth Sita-Rama Maha-yajna (sacrifice) in Patna. This has been initiated because of the fact that though there are millions of devotees to the deity Hanumanji of Mahavir Mandir Patna, there is no bond between a devotee and the temple.

In this sect Sita, Rama and Hanuman will be the supreme deities for daily worship, although other gods, too, will be worshipped. The Ramayan and Gita will be its supreme scriptures. Besides, other important scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagavat will find their due places in the sect.

This 'Ramavat-sangat' is inspired by the precept of the great revolutionary saint Ramanandacharya who declared “Jaat pant puchhai nahi koi, Hari ko bhajai so Hari ko hoi” (जात पाँत पूछै नहिं कोई हरि को भजै सो हरि को होई) i.e. no one should inquire about anyone’s caste and those, who worship Hari, belong to Hari. Vegetarianism, abstention from liquor and all types of intoxicants and insistence on moral values will be salient features of this sect. In addition, charity will be the foundation of the religion followed in the sect.

The initiation of disciples will be unique in the sect. Those seeking initiation will offer a set of mantras at the feet of Hanumanji in the temple after certain Sankalp. After the next Arati the devotee will be given option to select one mantra from the enclosed set and the mantra selected by him per chance will be the mantra for him. Thus there will be none between Hanumanji and the disciple.

The 'Sangat' will propagate the concept of ‘Sangat’ and ‘Pangat’. By sangat one will have to recite any religious text like Hanuman Chalisa, Sundarkand etc. in a temple once in a week or a month in the company of devotees without any distinction of caste or social status. By Pangat one will have to take community meal at least once in a year on a special religious function without any distinction. Thus the panth will promote social equality and communal harmony.

The 'Sangat' will have the highest respect for all Sadhus and saints. But it will oppose misleading propagandas of false preachers. Similarly, it will try to eradicate social evils prevalent in the country.

Mahavir Mandir, Patna will be its initial head quarters and its branches will be established at Virat Ramayan Mandir, Kesaria and Ayodhya. The first task of this sect will be to complete the construction of the largest Hindu temple- Virat Ramayan Mandir at Kesaria.